So You Want To Rescue Animals?

Lessons learned from the founders of Senior Paws Rescue and our animal rescue partners.

This blog chronicals the lessons we have learned since we started Senior Paws Rescue, a refuge for senior dogs to live out their lives.  It is meant as a sort of "Dear Abby" advice column for those who are thinking about getting into dog rescue and those who have just started and could benefit from learning from others.

We will solicit blog entries from our fellow dog rescuers - we are all in this together, and SPR hasn't been around that long - we definitely still have a lot to learn and value other rescuer's input!  If you are interested in contributing an entry to the blog, please email [email protected] with your name, your rescue's name, website or Facebook page, and the topic that you would like to blog about.  We will discuss the content and timing of the entry to ensure alignment.  Please note that this is a voluntary contribution - no publishing fees are paid, although every author will get credit for their entry, and SPR will feature your blog entry on our Facebook page and website!

All blog entries will be listed below.  As you can see, there is only one entry right now - hoping to grow this into a valuable knowledge base for the dog rescue community!